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CNC punching machine

Following macro punching machine coupling function: 1, the coupling of macro machinery for a professional punching machine, punching process needs using modern control technology and years of accumulation of punching machine manufacture technology and design experience. 2, the machine operation convenient, dimension control accuracy, high efficiency. 3, setting of different size, feeding to produce all kinds of tricks. 4 and machine can save manpower and expenditure, greatly reduce the production cost. Five, the company can according to your specific needs to design the size and the operating system, and the machine can mold design and personnel training. 6 and machine mainly for leather, leather, artificial leather, plastic pigskin, PU, EVA, EVA film, PVC, SBR, cloth, paper, leather shoes, ornaments, sports, and the drapes, automotive leather chair of materials processing, pattern punching process is in demand, according to the work quality of materials, a punching process 1 ~ 4 times. Eight, the machine working speed of 100 ~ 300 times strokes per minute. The maximum yield per hour for: 300 times * mould feed distance (mm) * * 4 times for 60 minutes. 9, LH - 1600 type punching machine is preferred mechanical processing, punch, it adopts the advanced computer control technology, high automation level the durable, easy operation, low fault rate 10, LH - 26 type punching machine is a special width materials processing requirements and special hole of large punching machine, it not only high automation level, and can greatly reduce the production cost. 11 and LH - 1400 thepunching die with the same type of LQ - 16, simple, practical, and wide-width mold is a type of economy punching machine. 12, LH - 800 type is a suitable car seat, the drapes, shoe insoles, samples, the small hole hole machining. Each size punching machine can be customized according to customer's demand, can also be customized mould machine (without paper), welcome old and new customers to visit talks!

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