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Company Profile

  The Macro(Lianhong) machinery and punching industry in Houjie Dongguan,  Guangdong Province is a well-known supplier taking punching machine manufacturing, punching die production and external punching processing as one. It has many years of punching machine technology and production experience, and it is in long-term technical exchanges with world-known manufacturers in Japan, South Korea, India and other countries,  and it masters the world's leading punching machine core manufacturing and punching technology. It researched and developed the series of the Macro punching machine, which has always maintained a leading position in the market. Products include precision single-head digital punching machine, long digital punching machine, leather punching machine, insole punching machine, CNC punching machine, mechanical punching machine, sponge punching machine, letter die punching machine, Embossing machine, knurling machine and laser punching machine and other non-metallic processing machinery. Its processing depends on different materials (such as leather, leather materials, fabrics, curtains, EVA, SBR,    sunscreen, sponge, plastic, cardboard, and other fabrics) and the method of processing is various, including local, full width, lace, cut and pieces of ordinary punching, Punching, knurling, embossing, laser cutting, laser marking and so on. Products apply to handbags, luggage, shoe materials, clothing, home textiles, lighting, office furniture, car seats and so on.

  The series of Macro (Lianhong) punching machine is of excellent quality, based on long-term careful research, design and improvement. After each model becomes finished product, the factory will try processing use firstly, to ensure work pressure, stroke and the actual operation of the punching accuracy, and it will be on final sale only after the qualified trial. It is easy to use the machine, having low failure, full of humane, ensuring maintenance-free. The product performance, durability and the stability of quality can be effectively guaranteed to the highest level.

Due to continuous efforts and innovation, the Macro(Lianhong) has become a strong partner of many manufacturers. Its technology and services have been recognized by all the customers, so it’s no wander that a good image has been established in the industry. In this competitive market, win with the win. The satisfaction and support of all the customers is the driving force for the Macro(Lianhong) to spare no effort. Whether it is on machine or processing technology, we can provide customers with the best services and programs to reduce the cost of risk and improve production efficiency. The service tenet of Macro(Lianhong)is: "supreme users, the credibility of sincerity, excellent service." Nowadays, Macro(Lianhong) punching machine has been exported to the Southeast of Asia , Europe, the United States and some other areas. In the future, we will be more excellent, more professional in the punching, developing more high-quality punching machine to serve the community, with common development with colleagues from all walks of life.

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