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Punch shoes 014

  United with the macro professionalism, innovation, quality requirements, the import of machinery and equipment, regulating the automation of the program, greatly improve the operation efficiency and service quality.
Business scope: 1.the punching machine design, manufacturing, sales, and service,
Two kinds of material, handbags, move equipment punching process,
3 kinds of punching hole, positioning cuttings, punching and auto decoration, seat cushion punching, etc.;
4 furniture in punching, width foam mattresses punching, etc.
5 punching pattern design,
6 punching mould manufacturing.
Business projects include: the leather, PU, PVC, pigskin,, EVA, SBR, PE, foam, punching process, cardboard etc.
Products applicable to textiles, leather, clothing, furniture, shoes, car sits set, bags, handbags, etc.

Applicable industries: shoe, handbags, sports equipment, leather accessories, etc; the insoles,
Applicable materials: leather (sheepskin, leather, artificial leather) pigskin, PU, PVC, SBR, EVE, foam, foam, cloth, etc

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