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sponge punching machine shoe industry | automatic punching and rewinding machine can automatically
From: Acer Houjie Dongguan Machinery Factory Post date: 2018-10-17

Product display and introduction

LH1700mm sponge punching machine

LH1700 wide range punching machine is designed for the foam of mould cup, pressing table, and sunshade film without paper punching machine. It only needs one set of mother mould to produce and reduce production cost. The machine is divided into single-layer and multi-layer punching configuration, which can flush 1-3 layers of sponges at the same time, fully automatic rolling, the punching effect is round and smooth, the dust absorption system, automatic collection of wastes, the working environment is clean and tidy, eliminating the cleaning of paper scraps in the traditional punching holes, saving manpower and material resources and improving production efficiency, and it is the first choice of sponge factory.

Effective width: 1700mm

Power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V
Impact pressure: 100T
Pressure: 0.6 Mpa
11 kw power:
Speed: 20-300 per minute
Stroke: 50 mm
Material thickness: within 30mm
Weight: 5200 kg
Floor area (length * width * height) : 12000*3200*2200mm

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