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CNC punching machine | operation is convenient, feeding size precision, quality security.
From: Acer Houjie Dongguan Machinery Factory Post date: 2018-10-13

With the scope of application of high speed digital punching machine instructions

This punching machine using computer PLC control, touch screen operation, servo motor to pull material, step size is rapid, accurate, new automatic heating system, namely, save manpower material resources.More than a pair of mold with computer input single segment, segment data can make various shape design, reduce the mould cost.The new section of paper function is practical, in addition add according to customer demand, through mechanical debugging to more than double, section of paper.A up to increase capacity, high efficiency, stable performance, simple operation, is a domestic and foreign general choice for high speed nc punching machine.

LH - 1600 leather punching machine

1. The effective width: 1600 mm

2. Power supply: three phase four wire 380 v

3. The impact force: 180 t

4. Air pressure: 0.6 Mps

5. Power: 18.5 KW (frequency control of motor speed)

6. Speed: 50-550 times/min

7. Stroke: 24 mm

8. Material thickness: 15 mm or less

9. Machine weight: 9000 kg

10. Area (length * width * height) : 12000 * 3500 * 2500 mm

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