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Digital punching machine | products display and introduction
From: Acer Houjie Dongguan Machinery Factory Post date: 2018-10-13

Digital punching machine

Product demonstration and introduction

Product introduction

Digital CNC punching machine, punching machine, also known as leather is suitable for various industries all kinds full or partial punching.Using numerical control programming, computer scanning, typesetting, AutoCAD drawing to design various groove, don't need to specify the color when drawing, rotating graphics don't need to draw the arrow, discharge the cost of open mould.Machine simplex bit models, do 6 kinds of rotating type painting pattern, the double location models to do 12 kinds of rotating type painting pattern, punching capacity efficiency, 900 holes/min (900 holes/minute * 2), ultra-low power, 1.5 2 KWH per hour.Punching is not yellow, not black, not change color, no smell, entirely replace the traditional laser (laser) machine.Simple operation, start up automatically after work, positioning accuracy, take knife library, automatic tool change and is very flexible, saves the proofing time, punch automatic rotation, put the box, do not need to adjust the Angle and depth, and work without downtime, flexible in version, free time, double efficiency, is processed automatically return the in situ, strong stability, dust collection system, the working environment clean and tidy.Small machine, function advantage, is the mainstream of a machine.

1. The effective size: 500 * 550 mm

2. Power supply: 220 v

3. The impact pressure: 2.0 T

4. Air pressure: 0.6 Mpa

5. Power: 1.5 to 2.0 KW

6. Drive way: servo motor

7. Material thickness: less than 8 mm

8. Diameter: 0.6 to 12 mm

9. Machine weight: 1200 kg

10. Area (length * width * height) : 1500 * 1500 * 1800 mm

Here is a picture of our punching out by machines

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