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Rules for the maintenance of leather punching machines
From: Acer Houjie Dongguan Machinery Factory Post date: 2017-09-06

First, maintenance of leather punching machine can greatly reduce the delay precision of leather punching machine speed, precision leather punching machine decreased mainly in leather punching machine parts wear the plastic deformation of the two aspects, the parts of the mill and deformation, the relationship between the parts of the motion (time and mobile) is damaged, so that the leather punching machine for reducing the accuracy of practical experience, leather punching machine can reduce maintenance or improper maintenance of the leather punching machine and its precision is faster than the maintenance of good much faster.
Leather punching machine maintenance second good leather punching machine can increase the utilization rate, reduce the precision of leather punching machine in addition to the normal factors, is also related to many factors, such as machine operation sick leather punching machine, precision maintenance is not good the damage is relatively large, so often have to stop maintenance, make the production affected.
In addition, leather punching machine maintenance good can prolong the life of leather punching machine, leather punching machine wear and deformation of parts is inevitable, the ultimate goal is to make the leather punching machine maintenance machine precision in the normal loss of state, at the same time as the extension of this process.
The importance of maintenance decision of ultrasonic machine maintenance is an important task in the daily management of equipments, complete the task of the good is the human factor, such as the people's subjective initiative to get sufficient play, to maintain the existing mechanical equipment is obviously impossible, we should understand the importance of scientific maintenance the attitude to respect science, believe in science. Following from these aspects to talk about the leather punching machine maintenance
Strengthen operator management. The quality of the operator determines the quality of the quality of the leather punching machine, so first of all, to improve the technical level of operators, operators will have this knowledge. Have a basic understanding of leather punching machine structure, have a deep understanding of the daily maintenance, to understand why leather punching machine maintenance: the essential reason for some mechanical failure to understand, so the strict pre job training of workers, the workers just posts should do some leather punching machine maintenance work.
(1) the establishment of the implementation of the system, strict, because leather punching machine maintenance is a very complex work, patience and meticulous, not rashly, without rules, strict machine maintenance is not possible.
(2) to strengthen the maintenance of the importance of education leather punching machine maintenance workers daily work, to allow them to produce irritable mood, so it is necessary to strengthen the education of employees, let them take the importance of this issue in mind, and reflected in the daily work of information, in addition to strengthen the importance of education and maintenance to the operator outside, should also strengthen the personnel management personnel to strengthen the education in this area, to prevent the layman to expert intervention to prevent recklessly equipment.
Take scientific measures to strengthen the maintenance of machines. Maintenance of leather punching machine must take scientific means, so that the ultra leather punching machine has been maintained, so we must make use of all the conditions can be used to improve the scientific sense of maintenance of workers.
(1) the establishment of leather punching machine maintenance maintenance regulations, must be rule-based, general leather punching machine maintenance should be based on the machine specification shall prevail. Such as regular fuel, clean the filter on a regular basis, ultrasonic machine, regular testing of leather punching machine precision parts repair, in order to determine the leather punching machine, repair. These regulations should be posted next to the leather punching machine so as to remind the operator regularly.
(2) strengthen the maintenance of key parts, such as gears, screws, sprockets, bearings, etc. the most important parts of these machines, the change of their accuracy means the change of the quality of production. Of course, it does not mean that other components can be lowered because of changes in accuracy. Of course, it does not mean that the maintenance requirements of other components can be reduced.
(3) carry out technical reform and strengthen the maintenance of leather punching machine. Because the design of leather punching machine is not in the circuit and mechanical on any conflict or interference, especially in terms of the ultrasound, so for those who favor the leather punching machine maintenance structure improvements or take remedial measures.
In short, the leather punching machine maintenance from the date of the installation of the machine will need to be implemented until the leather punching machine scrapped.

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