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Congratulations on the opening of the website!
From: Acer Houjie Dongguan Machinery Factory Post date: 2017-09-06

  Warm congratulations on Acer mechanical punching factory to join the world's only connected enterprise website of the industry's most authoritative e-commerce platform.
The US China footwear network is a large e-commerce platform co founded by the US China clothing and Footwear Association, which aims to help members open the American business market and bring buyers and sellers closer together. At the same time, apparel footwear association / China shoes network by volunteer, industry and government departments, but also the coordination between the exchange and communication of the world trade association, is the bridge and the link between the manufacturer and the Chinese US trade business. The Sino US clothing and Footwear Association has successfully held worldwide trade exchanges, exhibitions and exchanges every year, and the scale and social effects are very large. It has the authority and abundant resources in the industry. The association is open year-round in the exhibition hall, display products for manufacturers members looking for buyers, while the association is a professional full-time staff member to assist manufacturers in order to create conditions to manufacturers and traders, full contact member member understanding, communication, reduce intermediate links.
Our team: Industry Senior Service team.
Our mission is to bridge the links between Chinese manufacturers and American traders.
Our purpose: to seek greater and smoother development prospects for each member.
Our commitment: for each member to strive for more and greater profit margins.
Our goal: to become the gold gateway for Chinese manufacturers to enter the American market.

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