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Coupling punch machine
From: Acer Houjie Dongguan Machinery Factory Post date: 2017-09-06

Introduction of leather punching machine:
Dongguan Union Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with many independent intellectual property rights, specializing in the production of mechanical leather punching machine, CNC leather punching machine and ultrasonic range of equipment. Lian Hong leather punching machine is mainly divided into mechanical leather punching machine, CNC leather punching machine, small leather punching machine three kinds.
CNC leather punching machine and machine tool adopt integral casting, stable and rigid, drive mechanism adopts imported lead screw, nut is flexible and precise. CNC leather punching machine adopts flexible tool control, and the cutter can rotate or not rotate as required. Independently developed processing software, arbitrary switching tool angle, all kinds of special knives, leather can be processed on a variety of patterns.
The CNC leather punching machine is a seamless integration of software technology and numerical control technology. Numerical control technology is one of the core contents of advanced manufacturing technology. It is developing in the direction of civilization, networking, flexibility and intelligence.
CNC leather punching machine features and functions:
1. CNC leather punching machine after the boot automatically work, after processing automatically returned to the original, high efficiency, safe and reliable;
2., a mold can punch a variety of patterns, and through computer simulation, imitation chong;
3., can be punched in any part of the small area, flexible and convenient;
4., can be used for complex small pattern blanking, to solve the small pattern mold manufacturing problems.
5., in order to improve production efficiency, CNC CNC leather punching machine uses two sets of linkage equipment, a table will be divided into two working areas simultaneously. The standard processing platform is 1280x790 mm, which can be customized as needed;
6. CNC CNC leather punching machine is suitable for all kinds of leather punching, plastic, PU, EVA, PVC, cloth, paper, shoes materials, car cushion and other material punching.
7. punching and punching radius: 0.8-8mm
8., punching flower quality is good, no damage to the material, will not be burned, yellow, black. CNC leather punching machine uses pneumatic impact force as the driving force, the use of various shapes of cutting tools, processing leather surface is smooth, than the laser punching machine contrast, no burning, black phenomenon.
The design and change of the 9. hair pattern is realized by software and punch, without changing the mechanical mold.
10. power requirements: power frequency: AC 50-60HZ, power supply voltage: 220-240V, the machine must be reliable grounding.
11. gas supply requirements: CNC leather punching machine is pneumatic work equipment, the duration of the pressure requirements: 6-8kg. An air compressor is needed, and the air compressor needs to be drained in time or at regular intervals.
Numerical control leather punching machine application range:
This leather punching machine is suitable for leather, sheep leather, artificial leather, plastic, PU, EVA, PVC, punching processing of various kinds of cloth, paper, leather accessories, leather ornaments, curtains, car seats leather etc., are widely used in auto parts (air cushion), luggage bags, stationery, shoes, breathable material, advertising paper products and other industries. CNC leather punching machine and punching machine, bag leather punching machine, punching machine, shoe uppers punching machine, automobile cushion punching machine, punching machine, computer bags leather punching machine, automatic punching machine, intelligent leather leather punching machine.

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