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Classification and application of punching machine
From: Acer Houjie Dongguan Machinery Factory Post date: 2017-09-06

Punching machine classification
CNC punching machine
It is suitable for leather, sheep leather, artificial leather, plastic, PU, EVA, PVC, punching processing of various kinds of cloth, paper, Pi Shipin, leather ornaments, curtains, car seats leather etc., are widely used in auto parts (air cushion), luggage bags, stationery, shoes, breathable materials, advertising paper products and other industries.
Mechanical punching machine
Mainly suitable for foam, leather, cardboard, non-woven fabrics, such as large area punching processing.
Pneumatic punching machine
Pneumatic punching machine and pneumatic punching machine, plastic bags punch, is a kind of gas assisted in bag making machine punch die. The pneumatic mould is sent by the computer of bag making machine to transmit the signal to the solenoid valve. The structure is similar to the cold punching die, mainly used for punching plastic bags and paper products. The equipment was introduced into the mainland from Taiwan in the early 90s of last century. Technology approved: pneumatic punching machine adopts precision casting products die base alloy material, high precision stamping power cylinder, punch is imported die steel (ASP-60) structure with stamping needs, beautiful appearance, high operating frequency, strong wear resistance, long service life, the highest frequency is up to 320 times.
Hydraulic punching machine
Hydraulic punching machine for L, H flat steel, copper and aluminum row punching machine.
Bottom design has flat seat, smooth and difficult to shake down.
Single hole oil return. The mould is made of high carbon tungsten alloy steel. It is not easy to be damaged.
In particular, CH-60 CH-70 split hydraulic punching machine, designed for Jiaotie, flat iron, copper and other metal plate punching, especially suitable for electric power, construction and other industries operating in the field.

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